Show with Leo Gabin. London, Victoria 2019.


Installation views of our show with Leo Gabin. London, Victoria 2019.

This show features almost all new works, including a portrait series that has been in development for over a year. ‘Am I Ready Now?’ is a series in which we look at the idea of the self, how we present it and how others look at it. Arising questions are wether the idea of you is accurate, and wether people agree. Does the altering if your appearance ever have the result you want it to? Will you ever be satisfied, or feel as if you are complete? Do others see you, as you want them to or do they come to a different conclusion altogether? The pieces are completely handmade, including their frames which are cast with a polyurethane resin and pigmented to reflect the tonality of the portrait that sits inside it. The faces are built up in layers of portraits, printed on acetate using a low opacity. Each print has a very low density, causing the need for it to be layered in order to make a face. Each face is made up of the same portraits, of the same person - but in a different order.

Leo Gabin’s work ‘With Me’ is featured in a glass installation built by us, specifically for and at the show. Each of our installations is made - and dismantled - on site.